Graphic Design

Graphic Design

A selection of visual design work — including posters, infographics, news bulletins, and merchandise — for for the Center for Engineering Innovation and Design, MASS Design, and Yale Out of the Blue.

CEID Graphic Design

As part of my responsibilities as a fellow at the CEID, I generated course posters, data visualizations, and newsletter fliers. I was also responsible for producing CEID-branded content, including our weekly newsletter, one pager description of the center, and the design of the new CEID website (details on this project can be found here.)

MASS Design

Through a research / design internship at MASS Design, I developed a proposal for a new design and layout of MASS's web-based casebook on hospital design in low-resource settings (a page of which is included here), and generated templates for weekly "newsblasts" for projects out of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

Yale Out of the Blue (OOTB)

A few pieces from Out of the Blue's branding and design, including 25th Anniversary Jamboree's logo, ticket, poster, 25th Anniversary 'History Book' released for the occasion, and album cover designs. Original OOTB logo is by Drew Brooks.